Wow five days left

There’s only five days left of school

For some this info is really cool


But I am going to miss my buds

Especially cuz they’re a bunch of studs


Maybe not because of the way they look

And most of them can’t really cook


But they’re the coolest people I’ve ever met

They’re funny as hell, and usually hit the net


I’m not talking about hockey or lacrosse

But these CreComm bitches are fucking boss


With 20 assignments on the go

And our lives turning into an actual gong show


We’re close to the end, but so far away

And it’s really only 144 hours until our last dayWow


Snapchat is love. Snapchat is life.

Snapchat is taking over, and if you’re not on it you soon will be. In the very near future no one is going to leave their homes. Soon us humans will only interact, watch shows, and eat through Snapchat.

Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but 70 per cent of college students post on Snapchat at least once a day, even a college professor has taken to Snapchat to teach lessons on psychology.

Primarily Snapchat is used to interact with people you know, but 54 per cent of users seek out celebrity accounts on a daily basis. Snapchat also has geofilters, which restaurants are beginning to use as advertisments. IHOP partnered with Snapchat to create geofilters that target customers within their restaurants.


People don’t want to be bothered by advertisements. According to Statista 198 million internet users use adblock plugins. Adblock isn’t available for Snapchat, but that’s because you don’t need it. With filters, geofilters, and the discovery section of Snapchat advertisements aren’t necessarily hidden but they are optional. Snapchat has made it easier for advertisers to create ads that are interactive and fun. For example these filters have been used by movies like The Boy, and Batman v Superman.

IMG_1782.PNGScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.15.49 AM.png


Many users use Snapchat to keep up with their favourite celebrities, whether their YouTubers, musicians, or Snapchat born celebrities like DJ Khaled.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.44.29 AM.png

Though known by some before DJ Khaled gained mass popularity on the app.  Snapchat stories also have the capability of going viral like Damn Daniel.

DJ KhaledScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.34.03 AM.png

Damn Daniel


Snapchats main feature is that the pictures and videos shared don’t last forever. That includes filters and the discovery section. Snapchat is constantly changing and you should definitely be on it. Plus the ghost is super cute.Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.44.22 AM.png

Oh Shit – Lexi Myers

(Sorry – Justin Bieber) Oh Shit – Lexi Myers

I gotta go and catch my bus before it leaves

I know I’ll make it before rush hour in peace

I hope I don’t run into someone I know and force small talk

‘Cause I just need to take the bus and read my book

I know you know that I don’t like to take the bus at all

And by that I mean I really really hate it

But it doesn’t help that I’m also kind of an idiot

‘Cause I just bussed all the way to polo and my cars at school

Is it too late now to say oh shit?

‘Cause I’m missing more than just my bus stop

Is it too late now to say oh shit?

Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I left my car

At school and now I’m at Polo Park

Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I left my car

At school and now I’m at Polo Park

I’ll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to

‘Cause I know that this really has nothing to do with you

I gotta go catch another bus to get back to school

It’ll take a while for me to forget this

Is it too late now to say oh shit?

‘Cause I’m missing more than just my bus stop

Is it too late now to say oh shit?

Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I left my car

At school and now I’m at Polo Park

I’m just trying to get back home at a reasonable time

‘Cause I’m hungry and I need a nap

Is it too late now to say oh shit?

Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I left my car

At school and now I’m at Polo Park


I went to a play

I attended a play on Tuesday evening with all my lovely classmates for a journalism assignment. My biggest complaint was that the theatre was incredibly hot and the cheese was soft.

The highest point of the evening for me was the talkback, only because Steven Ratzlaff made me actually laugh at a volume other people could hear (lol). The way he answered some of his questions made me feel as though the talk back was a waste of time, it seemed like he did not give one fuck about what we thought.

Overall I enjoyed myself because it was a play. I love plays. From the beginning the vibe made me feel a little uneasy, and I could feel my heart beat along to the music. The set was very interesting, only a table and a few chairs along with three screens and a backdrop that rippled as though there was wind blowing through the field projected onto it.

Ratzlaff decided to use the two hours to his full advantage, he wrote two plays instead of one. I felt very unsatisfied because both didn’t seem to come to a conclusion. Either way it was a play, and like I said before..I love plays.

Whoops wrong blog

I posted this lovely little poem to the wrong blog this weekend OOPS. Anyway enjoy!


There once was a girl named Alexis,

And she really wouldn’t want me to say this:

She went on a date,

And started to hate

The fact that he sent her some dick pics.
She tried her best to ignore them,

But she just kept getting them from him.

He just wouldn’t stop,

So she went to the cops

And now she’s like “Haha! Fuckin’ got ’em!”

Girls in the Pub

I used a bit of The Cat in the Hat to help tell my story this week.

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the pub All that cold, cold, wet day.

I sat there with Hailey.

We sat there, we two. And I said, “How I wish we had some beer to brew!”

Too wet to go out And too cold to get the yeast. So we sat in the pub. We called over the beast.

So all we could do was to Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! I wont say we didn’t like it. We liked it quite a bit.

And then Something went BUMP! How that bump made us jump!

We looked!
Then we saw him drop a beer on the floor! We looked!
And we saw him!
The waiter I adore!
And he said to us,
“Why did you leave this by the door?”

“Oh shit that’s my shirt
I had to remove it. It got too hot in here
I didn’t mean to lose it!”

“Well put it away before someone else trips,” Said the waiter.
He said he would be right back
To which I replied “later, gator.”
“How embarrassing that was
To have him trip on my tank top.
I will never come here again
let’s head over to that shop.”

Then Hailey and I
Did not know what to say. We ran out of the pub and called it a day.

Cool thanks

I was meeting with this guy, I will call him Fred Button, to sign an application for me. We were meeting for 1pm at the Henderson Library. I have never met Fred before so  wasn’t positive what he looked like, but he sounded old on the phone. I walked into the library at 12:55, and there was an old man sitting at the computers. He was looking at me so I walked up to him and asked if he was Fred Button. He didn’t hear what I said so again I asked if he was Fred Button. By this point I knew he was not Fred, but he kept asking me to repeat myself. I asked him about five more times before he answered with I’m sorry no I’m not. Haha yeah I know, but ok cool thanks bye. I turned around to find this other old man, about six feet behind me, laughing. He walked towards me and said “Hi Alexis, hahaha, I’m Mr. Fred Button.”

So that was kind of horrible.

Hé Ho & High Kicks

Festival du Voyageur was always something I linked to elementary school. Tobogganing and maple syrup on a stick was all I cared about. This year I bought the full week pass, and definitely got my money’s worth. I still tobogganed and had my maple syrup, but I also got to enjoy everything else the festival had to offer. The Karaté Dojo Guardian group joined Festival du Voyageur for the Presse de Carte Postale Jeux. Sensei Adrian Shum put on a demonstration with his students for the festival’s guests in the Portage tent on Thursday, February 18. I took some photos of the event, and I will leave them here just incase you missed it.


The Karaté Dojo Guardian group gets ready to display their skills/LEXIMYERS


Sensei Adrian Shum shows his students how it’s done/LEXIMYERS


Straight leg and pointed toes. Shum’s students high kick for the crowd/LEXIMYERS


Sensei Shum gives his student Stephanie Shaver tips for her demonstration/LEXIMYERS


Shaver puts her sensei’s tips to good use against fellow student Valentino/LEXIMYERS


Each student performed a solo karate routine to finish off the night/LEXIMYERS